[Mabadiliko] Fwd: Fw: I WAS NYERERE'S PRISONER FOR TEN YEARS-----Ali Muhsin Al Barwani (Part 2)

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[Mabadiliko] Fwd: Fw: I WAS NYERERE'S PRISONER FOR TEN YEARS-----Ali Muhsin Al Barwani (Part 2)

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Four Years Detention Without Presidential Order

          ''In 1968 Judge Seaton, a High Court judge, visited Mwanza prison. I asked him if we had any legal status at all. The Prison superintendent told him that no papers had accompanied the ex-ministers of Zanzibar.  The judge promised to look into the matter. Four years later when I was in another prison at Bukoba, the Administrative Secretary of the Regional Commissioner proposed that I should petition the President for my release. I told him as I did not know why I was kept inside I felt I had very little ground on which to base my petition.
         He said, ''Surely when you were detained the detention order was read to you''.
         I told him as far as I knew there was no detention order for me. The prison superintendent said there was, and he read an order purported to have come from the President and couched in the usual legal and formal phraseology. It said that as the President was convinced that so and so, naming all of us in the Shamte cabinet, had been behaving in a manner prejudicial to the security of the state, he ordered our detention. When I asked about the date when the said order had been signed, it turned out to have been in 1968, some time after my meeting with Judge Seaton in the Mwanza prison! 
         We were overthrown and detained in 1964. I grant that there was revolution in Zanzibar, and that illegal things could happen there. But from the middle of 1964 until 1968 when the order was signed we were illegally detained, illegally even according to the unjust laws of Tanzania, by President Nyerere, on the mainland of Tanzania where he had full and undisputed authority. For four years before the signing of the detention order we had been in his custody. Was it possible that during that period any of us could have acted in a manner prejudicial to the security of the state? Assuming then this referred to the period prior to our arrest and detention, we had been responsible ministers elected according to the law and the constitution then prevailing in Zanzibar. Could we have acted in the manner described in the order signed by Julius Nyerere? Under any circumstances the ''state'' referred to being Tanzania never existed prior to our arrest. That a head of state posing as an upholder of justice could stoop to such low trickeries and lies makes one despair. Armed with these glaring facts I wrote a petition to the President, couched of course in very polite and appropriate language. No response. There was never even an acknowledgement of receipt to any of the dozen or so letters that I wrote to Nyerere both inside and outside of prison. Such ordinary courtesies are considered relics of colonialism in Tanzania.
         Dr Kleru was the Regional Commissioner who was shot by a farmer, Abdulla Saidi Mwamindi, on Christmas day in 1971. The farmer was among a number whose farms had been forcibly confiscated for the establishment of the so-called Ujamaa (socialist) villages. The high-handedness of this particular Regional Commissioner was notorious. The victims of his tyranny reported incidents to the Party leaders who advised them to report to the police, which they did. The Commandant of the Police, Abubakar, drew the attention of his superiors in Da es Salaam to the provocative activities of the Regional Commissioner, and also to his drunken habit of falling in the gutters and being sexually assaulted by hooligans. After his assassination about forty of the farmers who had been forwarding complaints to the Police, and the Commandant of Police himself who was investigating the shooting, were put in detention until Mwamindi had been convicted and sentenced to death. Even before the case had been heard all Government and Party mass media condemned not only Mwamindi but also all farmers, as ''exploiting capitalists, reactionaries and traitors''. Government sponsored demonstrations were held to condemn them. Thus Mwamindi had been convicted by Government agents before he appeared in court. All potential witnesses who could help in at least establishing mitigating circumstances for his action were put in cold storage until the case was over. This step was also obviously calculated to strike terror into the hearts of all others who might consider giving evidence in defence. Thus is justice prostituted in countries such as Tanzania where the law of detention prevails, and one man holds absolute power. Twelve of Iringa men including Mwamindi himself were with me in the Dodoma prison. The Commandant of Police, Abubakar, spent two days also with us on his being transferred from one prison to another.
       A good deal of publicity has been given to the tortures inflicted on prisoners in the islands of Zanzibar and Pemba. Practically nothing has been heard of what happens on the mainland of Tanzania, where inhuman treatment of inmates is not unknown, but where because of the absence of democracy and the basic human rights of expression, incidents of torture and cruelty are not reported for fear of repercussion. I saw at Mwanza, when Superintendent Odenyo was in charge, prisoners who had been denied food and waterfor four days being taken to hospital (more dead than alive) with reports that they had been on hunger strike. At Dodoma I used to hear of similar incidents. I heard as I could not see since a wall separated our detention section from the punishment cells. The culprit at Dodoma was Chief Officer nicknamed ''Iron Face'' because he was reputed never to have been moved by pity. The Senior Superintendent in charge having become lax as a result of seniority and attending endless political meetings, functions and parties, left practically all the internal administration in the hands of his assistant and the Chief Officer. The two of them made life intolerable in the prison''-----pages 258/260, Conflicts and Harmony in Zanzibar (memoirs). Source: https://www.facebook.com/Ludovick.S.Mwijage/
Julius K Nyerere: Servant of God or Untarnished Tyrant? 29 likes. This Facebook page is intended to give voice to the victims who perished under Julius K...



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Tuesday, August 29, 2017 Add Comment
For the first in history, Kenya's Supreme Court appears poised to make a tectonic shifting ruling that could set unprecedented standards on how the IEBC conducts national elections going forward. All three sides, i.e. Raila Odinga's the National Super Alliance (NASA), Independent Electoral & Boundaries Commission (IEBC) and President Uhuru Kenyatta's Jubilee Party have an unprecedented opportunity to battle it out before the Justices and at the end of the day, one side will walk out victorious the other in defeat, this is the nature of these things. Based on the submissions before the court so far, it is clear that the petitioner has much better odds this time around than in 2013; most of Raila's Odinga's submissions in 2013 were disallowed by the Mutunga court while those of Kenyatta were admitted into evidence. For all practical purposes the IEBC has been has been caught with pants down, I mean abjectly incompetent and outright scheming to scam the electoral system. I don't pretend to know the outcome nor do I havd Professor Makau mutua's crystal ball to predict exactly how the Justices will rule, only they would know but based on evidence submitted thus far I have a suspicion that they themselves are troubled by IEBC's conduct and may want to put an end to this once and for all. IEBC has demonstrated its penchant defiance of court orders on multiple occasions including the one now being adjudicated by the Supreme court where it failed to count and announce elections results at the polling stations in direct defiance of the court of appeals order, obviously they don't respect court rulings, clearly have an open disdain for the courts. The Supreme Court has original and final jurisdiction, meaning they have wide discretion to uncover the truth within the context of the petition and attendant pleadings. Accordingly, I would hope the do the following:Continue reading


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Mtindo wa karate mkongwe  duniani, Okinawa Goju Ryu wa chama cha  Jundokan  Tanzania chini ya mwakilishi wake Sensei Rumadha Fundi  mwenye Dan 4,"Yondan" pia mwenye uzoefu wa zaidi ya miaka 38 ya mafunzo ya sanaa ya Karate mtindo wa Goju Ryu chini ya walimu wakuu wengi maarufu toka Okinawa, Japan kama vile Master Mario Higaonna(IOGKF), Master Masataka Muramatsu( Goju Ryu Kyokai), Teruo Chinen( Jundokan International), na hatimae Kancho Yoshihiro Miyazato, mwenyekiti wa (Jundokan So Honbu, Naha, Okinawa)Master Tetsunosuke Yasuda, Master Tsuneo Kinjo na Master Tetsu  Gima.

Tunatarajia kufanya mitihani ya mikanda mieusi miezi ijayo madaraja tofauti kupitia dojo za " Kaizen dojo" Jamhuri na dojo dada ya Hekalu la Kujilinda Zanaki dojo. Hii ni moja ya jitihada za kusambaza mwenendo huu kwa kina na pia ufundishaji wa mbinu za utumiaji wa tafsiri za "Kata" uijulikanao kama "Bunkai", au uchambuzi wa matumizi ya mbinu za kujilinda. Mitihani yote itafanywa na sensei Rumadha Fundi chini ya utaratibu wa "Syllabus"  ya Jundokan, Okinawa.

Lengo pia ni kuzungumzia yale yote yaliojiri katika semina kuu ya Jundokan bara la Ulaya chini ya master wake toka jijini Naha, Okinawa mwezi wa Julai 2017. Ufundishaji sahihi wa mfumo huu ni moja ya malengo kuhakikisha tu kwamba wana Jundokan duniani mkote wapo kwenye msimamo mmoja katika uchambuzi na ufanyaji wao wa Kata na matumizi yake.

Pia wakati huohuo, kutakuwa na semina ya wanafunzi wa ngazi za mikanda mieusi wa Jundokan Tanzania ikiwemo na dojo ya Zanaki katika kuwawezesha wanafunzi wake kuuliza na kupata majibu ya matumizi yao ya ufanyaji Kata kama jinsi ipasavyo chini ya chama hicho chenye ufahasa wa mtindo huo unaofuata nyanyo za mafunzo ya Master Chojun Miyagi, mwanzilishi wa mtindo wa Okinawa Goju Ryu.

Hivyo, hii ni moja ya fursa kubwa kwa wana Jundokan kuweza kushiriki semina hii chini ya mwakilishi wa Jundokan Tanzania, ama kamaijulikanavyo "Tanzania Shibu-Cho", sensei Rumadha Fundi. Sensei Rumadha, amesisitiza kwa niaba ya chama hicho kwamba Kila mwanafunzi wa mkanda mweusi, hana budi kuhudhuria semina za walimu angalau mara moja kila miaka miwili na kupata usahihisho muhimu kimafunzo. Hilo ndio lengo kuu hata kipindi kile kwa mwanzilishi wa Okinawa Goju Ryu Tanzania, marehemu Sensei NC Bomani kufanya ziara za mara kwa mara kwenda huko Naha, Okinawa kupata marekebisho toka kwa magwiji wa Karate duniani na chimbuko lake.

Pia vilevile, Tanzania imepatiwa mwaliko wa kuhudhuria maadhimisho ya miaka 65 tokea kuanzishwa kwa chama cha Jundokan itayofanyika November 2018 mjini Naha, Okinawa, Japan. Chama hicho kilianzishwa na mwanafunzi mkuu wa Master Miyagi aitwae Master Eiichi Miyazato sensei 1957 ambae pia alikuwa ndio mwalimu wa sensei Nantambu C Bomani. " Chuo kinacho fundisha nyayo au mwenendo wa Master Chojun Miyagi". Ikimaanisha, hamna mabadiliko yeyote kimafunzo na Kata zake kama jinsi alivyokuwa akifundisha mwanzilishi wake Chojun Miyagi sensei.

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[wanabidii] Kumbe Lissu alishawahi kuinanga IMMMA Advocates bungeni, alidai ilitumika kuanzisha makampuni yaliyochota fedha za EPA

Monday, August 28, 2017 Add Comment
[wanabidii] Kumbe Lissu alishawahi kuinanga IMMMA Advocates bungeni, alidai ilitumika kuanzisha makampuni yaliyochota fedha za EPA
Julai 13, 2012 Kambi Rasmi ya Upinzani Bungeni iliwasilisha maoni yake kuhusu Mpango na Makadirio ya Matumizi ya Wizara ya Katiba na Sheria kwa mwaka wa fedha wa 2012/2013.

Pamoja na mambo mengine, maoni hayo ya Kambi Rasmi ya Upinzani yaliyowasilishwa na Msemaji wa Wizara ya Katiba na Sheria, Tundu Lissu, yalikosoa utaratibu wa uteuzi wa majaji wa Mahakama ya Tanzania.
Lissu alieleza kwa kirefu uteuzi huo, na kwenye aya kadhaa, alimgusa pia Jaji Mujulizi.

Alisema: "Jaji Aloysius Mujulizi alikuwa miongoni mwa watu ishirini walioteuliwa Majaji wa Mahakama Kuu mwezi Februari, 2006. Kabla ya uteuzi wake, Jaji Mujulizi alikuwa wakili wa kujitegemea katika kampuni ya mawakili ya Ishengoma, Masha, Magai & Mujulizi Advocates (IMMMA) ya Dar es Salaam.

Kampuni hii ya mawakili ndiyo iliyoshiriki katika kuanzishwa kwa kampuni iitwayo Deep Green Finance Co. Ltd. mnamo tarehe 18 Machi 2004. IMMMA Advocates vile vile walikuwa mawakili wa TANGOLD LTD.

"Makampuni haya mawili yanatuhumiwa kutumika kupitishia mabilioni ya fedha zilizoibiwa Benki Kuu ya Tanzania kati ya mwaka 2005 na 2006. Kwa mfano, katika kipindi kifupi cha miezi minne kati ya Agosti 1 na Desemba 10, 2005 kampuni ya Deep Green Finance ilipokea jumla ya shilingi 10,484,005,815.39 kutoka akaunti ya kulipia madeni ya nje (EPA) iliyokuwa Benki Kuu ya Tanzania.

"Katika kipindi hicho hicho, kampuni ya TANGOLD LTD. ililipwa dola za Marekani 13,736,628.73 kutoka kwenye akaunti hiyo ya EPA. Nyaraka zilizowasilishwa BRELA na mawakili wa IMMMA Advocates na kusainiwa na Gavana wa Benki Kuu wa wakati huo Daudi Ballali tarehe 20 Mei 2005 zinaonyesha kwamba TANGOLD LTD ilikuwa kampuni ya kigeni kutoka Jamhuri ya Mauritius. Haya yote yalitokea wakati Jaji Mujulizi akiwa wakili mwenza wa IMMMA Advocates."


sorce jf

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[wanabidii] News Digest: Jatia colluded with McD to grab my business: Vikram Bakshi

Saturday, August 26, 2017 Add Comment
[wanabidii] News Digest: Jatia colluded with McD to grab my business: Vikram Bakshi
Saturday, August 26, 2017
Today's Headlines

Jatia colluded with McD to grab my business: Vikram Bakshi

India becomes largest 2-wheeler market for Honda globally

RBI to ramp up supply of Rs 200 notes
The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) said the supply of Rs 200 notes, brought into circulation on Friday, will soon be ramped up across the country through banking channels.

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More than 200 doomed Puerto Rico dogs saved by airlift to US
"The shelters in Puerto Rico have no choice," said Kimberly Alboum, director of policy engagement and shelter outreach for the Humane Society of the US. "They run out of room and, unfortunately, they have to euthanize for space. It's heartbreaking for the staff and it's devastating because these animals are all highly adoptable."

Pollution at crisis levels in North India: Niti Aayog
Noting that air pollution has reached crisis level in Northern India, government think-tank Niti Aayog has recommended a slew of measures like imposing higher taxes on petrol in and around the more polluted cities to encourage commuters to share cars and take public transportation.

Arctic researchers to study wind effects on marine life
The Sikuliaq (see-KOO'-lee-ak), owned by the National Science Foundation and operated by the University of Alaska Fairbanks, will depart on Friday from Nome for the trip through the Bering Strait to waters on and off the continental shelf in the Beaufort.

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Police quiz man arrested near Buckingham Palace
The Metropolitan Police force said two London police officers were slightly injured while arresting the 26-year-old man on Friday night. It said officers saw the weapon in the man's car when he drove up to a police vehicle near Queen Elizabeth II's London residence, one of London's top tourist attractions.

North Korea tests short-range missiles
The test came just days after senior US officials praised North Korea and leader Kim Jong Un for showing restraint in not firing any missiles since late July.

'Thailand's ex-PM Yingluck flees to Dubai'
Puea Thai Party sources said Yingluck left Thailand last week and flew via Singapore to Dubai where her brother, former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, who lives in self-imposed exile to avoid a 2008 jail sentence for corruption, has a home.

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NASA releases stunning picture of dunes on the surface of Mars
NASA has released a stunning picture of dunes on the surface of Mars with snow and ice on ridges. It was spring in the Northern hemisphere when this image was taken by the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) camera on Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, NASA said.

Nasa rockets to create glowing artificial clouds

SpaceX unveils sleek, white spacesuit for astronaut travel
Chief executive Elon Musk made the big reveal via Instagram on Wednesday. He says it's not him in the new suit, rather a SpaceX engineer. Musk says the new SpaceX suit has been tested on Earth and works.

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JioPhone booking: 7 'terms and conditions' to know

Vishal Sikka likely to join Hewlett Packard Enterprise as CTO
Last Friday, Vishal Sikka ceased to be the CEO and managing director of Infosys and got a new designation as executive vicechairman. In less than a week, he has lost that position, too. On Thursday, Sikka stepped down from the company with immediate effect.

New law to soon monitor how Facebook, Google, WhatsApp and others use your data
The government will come out with a data protection law to check possible diversion and misuse of private user information by social media and tech giants such as Facebook, Google, Instagram, Amazon, and Apple.

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Under new rules, less than 50% private MBBS seats filled
Deemed universities and private colleges across the country are staring at a huge crisis of unfilled undergraduate medical seats under the new system of centralised counselling introduced under the Supreme Court’s orders this year.

IITs, IIMs may be told to rate, certify institutes
“We have a huge talent pool of teachers and students who can use the entire exercise of evaluation as a learning tool,” Prakash Javadekar said.

The Science of Happiness
In an introductory lesson on the Science of Happiness, Dacher Keltner, a UC Berkeley psychologist, underlined the relationship between the success of a person and his/her compassionate and nurturing traits. Here are some of the highlights from his introductory lecture at UC Berkeley:

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Man held for robbing pedestrians after accusing them of molestation

Shiv Sena shakha pramukh electrocuted at Andheri

Woman jumps to death from Kandivali building

More Mumbai News»

Section 144 clamped in NCR, police on patrol
The capital and its surrounding areas were not spared arson and violence following the conviction of Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh. Four Delhi Transport Corporation buses were set on fire, while two unoccupied bogies of the Rewa Express at Anand Vihar railway station were set ablaze, leading to prohibitory orders under Section 144 of the CrPC being imposed on most areas of the city.

CBI files DA case against Satyendar Jain and wife
The CBI registered a disproportionate assets (DA) case against Delhi health minister Satyendar Ja in and his wife Poonam on Friday for allegedly amassing illegal wealth of Rs 1.62 crore between 2015 and 2017.

Over 150 private Delhi schools begin excess fee refunds
In an unprecedented development, more than 150 private schools have started the process of refunding excess fees, including around 70 schools that have submitted the respective amounts to the high court.

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Onam: Pricey flowers may burn a hole in Keralites' pockets

In depression, Bengaluru man turns smart TV thief

Army jawan's parents ostracised in Belagavi. He asks: If I die in battle, who will fight for them?

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Khairathabad Ganesh: Governor Narasimhan performs first puja

Jamiat-e-Ulama Hind says instant talaq still stands
The Jamiat-e-Ulama Hind Telangana & Andhra Pradesh on Thursday said that if instant triple talaq is pronounced, divorce will be in effect.

'Mecca Masjid work a priority'
The Telangana State Waqf Board here on Thursday announced that it would ensure all kind of assistance in the renovation work of Mecca Masjid.

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MLAs not scared to visit Tamil Nadu, says TTV

Dhinakaran loyalist MLAs vacate Puducherry resort, check into hotel
Andipatti MLA Thanga Tamilselvan told a section of reporters that Dhinakaran will visit Puducherry and hold discussions with the MLAs to chalk out the next course of action. He said they decided to shift to a hotel as the resort was booked for the next two days earlier.

School department gets new chief in government reshuffle of IAS officers
Udayachandran will deal with the subjects of curriculum.The Madras high court had a fortnight ago directed the government not to make changes to two school curriculum revision committees, one of which the officer heads.

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Congress appoints 4 new working chiefs
Inan apparent bid to woo different communities and give them representation in the scheme of things, the State Congress on Friday appointed four working presidents — Paresh Dhanani (Patidar), Kunwarji Bawalia (Koli), Dr Tushar Chaudhary (Tribal) and Dr Karsandas Soneri (Dalit).

When H1N1 becomes a family affair
The celebratory mood in the city, thanks to Ganesh festival and Samvatsari, hides the undercurrent of trauma that several families have undergone since the worst outbreak of swine flu this year.

Security guard's son tops CS exams in Ahmedabad, 20th nationally
Ahmedabad lad Sunil Khatik, son of a security guard, has topped the Company Secretaries Professional Programme by securing the 20th rank in India.He has ranked first in Ahmedabad.

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Elusive dacoit Babuli Kol has 70 cases against him, 7 lakh reward on his head
Dreaded dacoit Babuli Kol, carrying Rs 7 lakh cash reward on his head, has as many as 70 heinous cases pending against him.

1st unit of 660 MW of Meja thermal power project synchronised
In a major development which would boost the power production on the state, the 1st unit of 660 MW of Meja thermal power project, was synchronised with the main grid, on Thursday.

One Sub-Inspector killed, two injured in a fierce encounter in Chitrakoot

More Allahabad News»

Mob attacks Dera ashram in Puri
An ashram of the Dera Sacha Sauda, on the outskirts of Puri, came under attack on Friday as a mob ransacked the ashram's entrance and tore posters of Dera chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh.

Ganesh Puja celebrated in Odisha with religious fervour
Ganesh Puja is celebrated with religious fervor across the state. Educational institutions were decked up for the celebration.

80-year-old woman rescued from manhole after 10 hours
Bleeding and trapped amid slush and sewer of a 15-ft deep manhole for over 10 hours since Thursday night, an 80-year-old woman was rescued by firefighters in Old Town area here on Friday.

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Pakistani flag atop temple, Madhya Pradesh town tense

Cop sprints 1 km with 10 kg bomb to save schoolkids

Mil Banchey: CM, 2L volunteers to teach kids today

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Dera chief's Z-plus security cover withdrawn: Haryana Chief Secretary
Haryana Chief Secretary D S Dhesi also denied any special treatment being given to the Dera chief in a Rohtak jail after being held guilty in a 15- year-old rape case by a CBI court in Panchkula yesterday.

High Court slams Manohar Lal Khattar for 'political patronage' to Dera chief

Dera chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh being treated as ordinary prisoner: DGP (Jails)
No special treatment was being extended to Dera Sacha Sauda chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh, who has been kept in Rohtak's Sunaria jail after his conviction in a rape case, Haryana DGP (Jails) K P Singh said today.

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